Our Solutions

High quality cosmetic packaging applicators.


Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. manufactures three different product lines:

  • eye applicators (eyeliners);
  • lip applicators (lip gloss);
  • nail applicators (nail polish).

During the years the company became a worldwide leader in the production of cosmetic packaging applicators and nowadays Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. offers its products to an ever greater number of companies operating in the make up and beauty industry.



Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A.'s key strengths

Success and appreciation gained by Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. come from a combination of multiple factors:


  • employement of high-quality raw materials, such as fine japanese filaments and DuPont filaments;
  • wide range of standard production and high capacity of customization;
  • high throughput and effective logistics;
  • possibility of assembling on customer provided stick, if requested.


Premium tipping technique

Perfectly sharp brushes are essential to guarantee a precise nail polish application. This is the reason why Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. worked on its manufacturing process and quality controls to develop a premium tipping technique providing top level results.