The history of our business.

Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. has a long tradition that is a solid quality assurance for all our customers, both in the production of cosmetic packaging applicators and in the distribution of artists' and paint brushes.


Our origins

The company was founded in 1910 by Paolo Sorini, sales representative of German-made paint brushes. Six years later Augusto Migliavacca bought an equity stake of 50% and the company took the business name Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. During the next years the company grew fast, up to 80 employees, moved to a new and bigger corporate headquarters located in Viale Espinasse, Milano and got specialized in production of paint brushes, artists' brushes and paper mill brushes.


The cosmetic packaging era

During the sixties original we abandoned original productive lines, that got less competitive because of the diminishing of the needing of paper mill brushes and the arrival on the paint and artists' market of low cost competitors. In spite of that, Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. proved strong creative skills and was able to quickly reinvent itself, find a new business field and quickly become one the world leading manufacturers of cosmetic packaging applicators.