Target Market

Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A.'s cosmetic applicators main market.

Our customers are companies operating worldwide in the cosmetic packaging business, but we also address our products right to the most important brands of the beauty industry that design and develop in-house their own make up packaging solutions.


Cosmetic packaging manufacturers

They represent the main destination of Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A.'s production. Once received the requested applicators, these companies assemble them with the other components, in order to package the finished product (eyeliner, lipgloss e nail polish) and release it on the market to all their customers. This process of wide distribution make lot of lip, nail and eye applicators both in luxury and mass market being equipped with Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A.'s applicators.


Make up and beauty brands

Thanks to the experience and the reputation gained worldwide, Sorini e Migliavacca S.p.A. also directly cooperates with the most important brands of the beauty and make up industry. This kind of customers are used to internally project their own cosmetic packaging and requires highly customized components. Our technical office works hard to provide custom-made solutions that can satisfy the most specific needing with top quality standards.